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Key Facts and Economic Impacts

The Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Moore deliver trained and combat-ready soldiers and leaders, and develop and integrate the doctrine and capabilities of the Maneuver Force, all while providing a first-class quality of life for those assigned to or employed by Fort Moore and their families. The Fort Moore Garrison supports mission readiness and execution; enables the well-being of soldiers, civilians, retirees, and their family members; improves infrastructure; and conserves the environment through the equitable, effective, and efficient management of 54 installation services. 


Fort Moore’s impact on the region is profound. The post covers 182,000 contiguous acres in Georgia and Alabama, and it is integrally connected to the Columbus area. The post’s annual economic impact to the region is estimated at $4.75 billion, and it supports more than 200,000 military personnel, civilians, retirees, and reserve personnel. Notably, since Fort Moore’s last joint land use planning effort in 2008, the post has grown in population as it is now home to the US Army Armor School. Seventy percent of Fort Moore’s population resides off post, with 6,303 military children attending public schools and 2,248 attending DOD schools.

Fort Moore collaborates with many local communities on comprehensive sustainability and engages in a variety of community partnerships in an effort to benefit both the installation and the surrounding region. Fort Moore engages with the community in a variety of ways, with events such as Oktoberfest, Independence Celebration, the Chesty Puller Challenge Half-Marathon, and the Fort Moore Reverse Sprint Triathlon being highly popular. The installation is home to a number of recreational assets as well, including several fish ponds, recreation areas, and a bike trail system that is open to the public. Sustained long-term growth in the region alters land use surrounding the fort, which can threaten the use of installation training lands and impact regional quality of life.


Fort Moore


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