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Talbot County

Talbot County straddles the Fall Line of the eastern United States, and the northern areas of the county are hillier than the southern areas. 


The Fall Line Freeway runs across the southern portion of the county, following Georgia State Route 96 from Geneva to Junction City. The far northern portion of the county is part of the Pine Mountain Range, with elevations exceeding 1,000 feet on the highest peaks. Talbot County is known as a sportsman’s paradise. Deer and wild turkeys are abundant. The Big Lazer Creek Wildlife Management Area, the Chattahoochee Fall Line Wildlife Management Area, and a portion of the Sprewell Bluff Wildlife Management Area offer great fishing and hunting. Prominent residents include Lazarus Straus who immigrated to Talbotton in 1853 and opened his first store there.  Later, he and his brother would move to New York, where they would become the sole owners of the Macy’s Department Store chain. Talbotton was also the site of the first session of the Georgia Supreme Court on January 26, 1846. The Romanesque-style courthouse on the historic town square in Talbotton was built in 1892 and was the scene of the infamous Ryder murder trial in 1896.


City of Talbotton


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