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Area: 647 sq. miles
County Seat: Phenix City
Population: 59,183*

*2020 Census 


Russell County

Russell County shares history, landscapes, and ties with Fort Benning and the five Georgia counties included in this project.  Phenix City, the county seat, is located directly across the Chattahoochee River from Columbus and connected by two bridges to its sister city.  The Fort Mitchell unincorporated area plays host to the Fort Benning Drop Zone and is connected to Fort Benning’s west gate by another bridge providing direct access for military families living in that area.  Historic Fort Mitchell is one of the original Frontier forts established to provide defense during the Creek Indian wars along the historic Old Federal Road, along with Fort Perry which is located in Marion County (GA). Fort Mitchell is a National Historic Landmark and features reconstruction of this 1813 fort. A Chattahoochee Creek Indian Historical Center has been established adjacent to Fort Mitchell and features information on this center of the Creek Nation, along with their removal on the Trail of Tears, commemorated by the Eternal Flame monument. Fort Mitchell is also the home of the Fort Mitchell National Cemetery, established in 1987 for interment of all US veterans. 

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